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Sphynxes are part of monkey, part of cat, part of dog

The sphynx’s personality

Not just their appearance specially but they personality too. They aren’t just a cat, they are sphynxes!!! They are extreamly human centered. They follow their owner all over the hause. They feel themselves good when they are close to a human. They climb on our shoulders, they are fond of sleeping under the blanket… just to be close to a human. They are extreamly curious, must see what's in the cupboard.They get on well with other pets too. Simply you must to love them! Who get known the breed, don’t want an other breed!

Breed history

The first naked cats had appeared in Mexiko at te begining of the 19th century. Unfortunately nobody showed a proper interest to them, so the breed die out.  In 1966 in Canada a street cat gave birth to a naked kitten. The new breed was called Canadian naked, then Canadian sphynx. Breeders used Devon Rex and  short-haired cats for crossing. This caused some troubles to breeders because hairlesness is recessive. (to get a naked sphynx, both parents should be naked) After 40 years breeding sphynxes are still rare and special breed.


The first sphynx


No hair doesn't mean no grooming. Sphynx needs bathing regularly.Weekly/every fortnight, depends on the individual. You can use baby shampoo, and it's only take 5 minutes. You can dry them with a nice soft towel. Also grease can build up in their ears really quickly. You can use baby wipe and cotton buds. Be carful not to push back any wax in the ear canal, as it may cause infection.

Sphynx should have their nails trimmed and cleaned regularly. When clipping nails be sure to avoid clipping into the pink vein area inside the nail as this causes discomfort to your kitten. You may use a regular toenail clipper. Sphynx will get a black waxy buildup on their nails and this is normal for the breed. It works best to clean them weekly with baby wipes

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